Our firm produces and sells weaving, knitting, and furnishing yarn with a wide range of Winter and Summer samples. It renovates in every season to meet market demand that is more and more exacting and to respect the tendency of "made in Italy" production.
The strengths of our firm are given by continuative technique innovation, which is the result of our matured experience in the textile sector, by work, by passion of qualified technicians and by continuity of strategies of social governance. For these reasons we have noticed positive results given by exponential growth in the last few years on both local and international market.
We have been adopting solutions tailored to every customer. Our vanguard machineries and our ability allow us to process various types of product, from single yarn to elaborated fanciful yarn.
We guarantee agreed time of delivery as we can follow all the stages of production, from the raw materials to the creation of finished product and to final product quality control.
Our commitment is aimed at eco-sustainability, in fact, in addition to the GRS certification, which we have now renewed for the third year, we have also the second Gots and Rws certification by Icea, and we are also proud to collaborate with the members of the organization Bci, for more sustainable agriculture.